Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thriller feedback survey

We really need your feedback, so we can see if we have been successful in creating a thriller opening.

This survey is advertised on our facebook group.

Friday, 11 February 2011


We decided to pile together this short sequence of bloopers and out-takes to give the viewer a little bit of extra footage to chew on. We included scenes from our original and our final shoot.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Evasion (Most Recent Cut)

On Thursday we took on board some feedback from the other groups. The main flaw was seen to be the scenes where the kingpin is in his office on the phone. The office did not look realistic as the computer was up against a wall, and the shots were too dark and had a lack of different angles. We fixed this in the new cut. We also worked on sound levels a bit more so that all the dialogue is not washed out by the soundtrack. The only things left to do are to incorporate our 'Shatter Productions' animated logo into the opening seconds, and change the credits to make them look more professional. Another possible edit, is that we may re-shoot the scene where the car pulls up as we can now use another car which fits the role better, however we will need similar conditions to those that the rest of the movie were filmed in, for a re-shoot to be a possibility.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Production Logo - Shatter Production

By Keval

Cast Interview

I made a video to give people an insight into our project and what it was like for all the individuals taking part. This video was also a way to exploit my new found skills in final cut. The theme tune for the movie 'Rusteeq' by Ashgo is playing in the background to add to the theme of the video. There are some funny questions and some serious ones and hopefully the video is a good watch. I used many tools in this video such as overlapping video audio, editing audio levels, adding overlapping text, cutting scenes and re-using different parts of sequences. Unfortunately to upload here, we had to export to a lower quality. During our interviews we used some good English vocabulary but also some young people UK slang in order to get in touch with the under-exploited teenage audience a bit more.